From North to South of the Italian peninsula Italian wines have contributed to the deep characterization of gastronomy of the Italian regions. Compagnia Italiana Esportazioni wanted to enclose the best of the regional productions to present to the world  a selection of high quality wines, the highest expression of the identity and the excellence of our territory. Wines with a strong personality, the fruit of passion, dedication and love for the land. Fruity, full and elegant taste with an impressive aging ability are the distinguishing marks of our selection. Authentic wines made ​​even more unique by an important bottle and an elegant label to satisfy the most demanding palates for any occasion: an aperitif with typical Italian products, a tasting or a formal dinner on a rich table.


San Domenico (Primitivo Puglia IGP) - Il Feudo (Sangiovese) - Cantina de Carlo (Nero di Troia Puglia IGP) - Il Pozzo (Sangiovese Puglia IGP) - Barocco (Negroamaro Salento IGP) - Ca' Bardini (Merlot) - Cantina Augustea (Chardonnay) - Nettare di Giada (Pinot Grigio/Trebbiano) 


Italian spirits - Italy has a long tradition in the production of liquors and spirits. Centuries of ancient wisdom and valuable recipes handed down from generation to generation, harmonies of medicinal herbs, genuine essences of nature merged into the tradition and passion for the best fruits of the land. Amaro, Grappa, Limoncello, Sambuca, Aperitif drink are the main characters of the famous Italian tradition that Compagnia Italiana Esportazioni selected for its customers to give them an authentic full Italian experience after a meal, a dinner or in any other convivial situation. From the careful selection of the best natural ingredients of Southern Italy, the combination of passion for the best fruits of nature, tradition and experience we offer the most renowned Italian drinks. To be enjoyed straight or on the rocks, at room temperature or cold, to create excellent drinks or to add a touch of whimsy to the dessert.


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