Antico Molino Italiano

Italy is one of the largest producers of quality Olive Oil, thanks to the wide presence of centuries-old olive trees which have found favorable climatic conditions in the Mediterranean. Olive Oil has profoundly characterized the Italian Cuisine throughout the centuries up to current times as a fundamental element of the simple, healthy and complete Mediterranean Diet.

In the Italian Cuisine olive oil is used to flavor raw salads, meats,  soups, sauces, and side dishes. Also both for cooking and frying it is the most suitable among vegetable oils and preferable to animal fats because it is mainly composed of monounsaturated fatty acids which have a higher nutritional value and better resistance to the heat. The Extra Virgin Olive Oilis the only fully mechanically extracted vegetable fat, meaning it is 100% natural because no chemical is needed.

The best lots of extra virgin olive oil from many oil mills located in different areas of Southern Italy, where the 80% of the national production is based, are carefully blended to get the right balanced and fruity taste. So our fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil Antico Molino is born, by a careful selection and transformation of natural products from controlled origin.


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