Pasta do'Core - Our pasta factories carefully select the durum wheat semolina and perform daily checks on each batch of semolina and each batch of the product, to ensure safety and quality to our customers. Penne, macaroni, spaghetti, fusilli are produced according to the cult of tradition and the most modern technologies: first quality durum wheat semolina with high-protein content, slow and low pressure extrusion system, slow natural drying to preserve the nutrition facts and the flavor of pasta, modern and reliable control systems.

Compagnia Italiana Esportazioni is committed to ensure the best consistent quality of the product and share with the good food lovers the flavors and the emotions of an Italian product known all over the world.

Pasta Sole del Sud - Already in the XIV century, with the invention of dry pasta, the production of pasta spread especially in the South of Italy, due to the presence of large crops of good wheat, giving rise to a long tradition that is still alive today. It is therefore not a coincidence that in Puglia there is a long tradition in the production of bread, pasta and baked products that is now experiencing the attention of foreign markets so that Compagnia Italiana Esportazioni has decided to offer such products to its customers.

The Pasta Sole del Sud has a unique and unmistakable flavor and a perfect cooking point, it’s made with the best durum wheat semolina processed using traditional techniques. The formats available are the ones from  the regional tradition such as Orecchiette and Cavatelli, savored with typical condiments for centuries as an expression of the strong identity and culture of the region.


Everywhere in the world Pasta means Italy, because a good pasta can only be Italian


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