L’orto d’Italia

In typical Italian gastronomy, the processing to preserve the products of the land always had a major role in cooking. The preservation of vegetables in olive oil has a centuries-old history. The art of preparing condiments, relishes and sauces is typical of the traditional home cooking of our ancestors who have always used strictly natural and handmade processes and techniques. Thanks to this tradition, handed down from generations, we are now able to offer those ancient flavors in a wide range of products that keep their taste and authenticity untouched.

It is not easy to get a stable vegetable preserve that is also tasty and nutritious at same time. We rely only on producers who select high quality raw materials and turn them into tasty preserves keeping intact the characteristics of the original product, enhancing the flavor with fresh toppings and giving them a unique taste thanks to the traditional recipes of Italian cuisine: vegetables in oil olive oil, vegetables mousses and pâtés, pesto and pasta sauces, fruit jams.

Traditions, cultivation techniques, common sense, meticulous selection of the products of the land and constant research for a high quality standard are the secret of our products.

Lastly we decided to complete our wide range of typical Italian products with tasty typical snacks like Taralli and Olives of South Italy.


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