Gran Caffè Italia

Traditions, rituals and preparation methods may differ from one country to another. We Italians, globally renowned for our creativity and passion, invented the Espresso. Our extraction system intensifies the taste, the fragrance and the creaminess, making a unique sensory experience out of every cup of coffee. The coffee in Italy is a real institution, people drink it very often, at home and out, and it is almost always a ritual of socialization.

Our manufacturers select only the best raw materials to make a special blend of Arabica and Robusta with intense aromatic flavor and deep and full-bodied taste. After the roasting, the sweet-smelling and fragrant coffee beans are packaged in bags or processed and packaged in capsules and pods, to enjoy at home a great espresso like at the café: the blend of coffee is ground, dosed and pressed as an experienced bartender would do and then packaged in capsules or pods to preserve the freshness and fragrance of coffee. Both the capsule and the pod contain 7 grams of ground coffee, just the right amount for a perfect espresso.

Our coffee products array consists of:

• coffee beans

• ground coffee in pods or capsules Nespresso / Lavazza compatible

• espresso machines for pods or capsules Nespresso / Lavazza compatible

• innovative accessories for catering (disposable items and customizable dispensers)


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